My journey to cooking enlightenment!

Made with a touch of Love!

Before marriage, my trips to the kitchen involved getting a glass of water or looking for snacks 🤪 I never really tried cooking. I was busy finishing my studies, then busy doing my job and enjoying life! After marriage, I was suddenly brought face to face with reality. Shifted to a new city, everything new and different and above all had to cook for the two of us, the funniest part being none of us had any idea how to cook 🙈 sadly there was YouTube also to help us!

But if I may say so myself I’m a fast learner and the two of us started our new journey as a learning experience and kept learning new things and improving ourselves in the process! Though dear hubby had to be the ginny pig of many of my cooking expeditions, that is a story for another day! We shifted Country, I kept experimenting with cooking and learning… YouTube came to our life and in became so much easier 🥳

Whenever I want to cook something new, I go through various videos and articles, take the important but easy options, mix them up and make my own recipe. I always believe I should be comfortable making it.

If you look into my recipes, I rarely mention measurements, because I believe in the trial and error method. I can give you the bigger picture, but if you really want to reproduce the dish for yourself, you have to enter the kitchen,don the apron, and do it all yourself!

I find Cooking very satisfying and relaxing. There is so much to learn, so much to explore. A moment more or a moment less of boiling, glazing, searing, mixing can make such a big difference!

Sometimes salt will be more or less, you might forget to add some spices even after making the same dish for years… But if you keep on adding the perfect amount of LOVE nothing else will matter!

Like many other art forms, cooking is an art! And it’s such an important art that satisfies 3 of our 5 senses!

In today’s busy world we don’t always find the time or motivation to do elaborate cooking, but now and then some family time in the kitchen, where everyone is doing something, we are all together away from the screens and internet, does make a big difference! And at the end, we have created love for each other and love for our palette 😄

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