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Bread pakoda (Stuffed bread fritters)

Healthy food is good but now and then our taste bud does crave something different. Something that awakens the parts of our taste bud that gives us the satisfaction and enjoyment of eating! So for my weekend kitchen experiments, I decided to try stuffed bread fritters. Filling, spicy and crunchy🤤 Stuffed bread fritters 👌🏻 Ingredients:… Continue reading Bread pakoda (Stuffed bread fritters)


Aaloor chop (potato Chop) Bengali style 🤤

All these years of staying far from the homeland have taught me many ways of adjusting to the unavailability of the comfort foods of my growing up years and learning new and convenient ways to reproduce them in my own kitchen! Though my boy has developed a mixed up palette and refuses to even try… Continue reading Aaloor chop (potato Chop) Bengali style 🤤