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Simple Fish curry 🐟🤤

Fish is a staple in every Bengali household! Which part of the world you live doesn’t change the scenario much, unless...😈 you are the only fish lover in the house😑 the man in the house and the kid are not fans 😏 So fish is made but not so frequently 💁‍♀️ But a simple dish… Continue reading Simple Fish curry 🐟🤤

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Tortilla Pizza 😃

My little one is a huge Pizza fan! So much so that we have a specific Family rule as to WHEN and HOW Pizza can be ordered😂 Well, we had to do this, otherwise, he will be having pizza everyday🤪😑 Pizza affinity is soooo well known that for one his Birthday Party three of his… Continue reading Tortilla Pizza 😃

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Puri r cholar daal (puri and Bengal gram lentil curry) with Rawa (suji) halwa – shivratri special

With 33 crores of God and every day some festival in our kitty, we really don't need any more reason to celebrate 🥳 Shivaratri is one of our most auspicious celebrations. This festival is solemn and marks a remembrance of "overcoming darkness and ignorance" in life and the world. It is observed by remembering Shiva,… Continue reading Puri r cholar daal (puri and Bengal gram lentil curry) with Rawa (suji) halwa – shivratri special

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Chicken Changezi

As I wrote in my last post, I have this habit of doing research on new and variable dishes to get new ideas and to make life easier. When you have to think of making dinner and the same dish cannot be repeated on consecutive days, you have to get creative! I know, anyone going… Continue reading Chicken Changezi


My journey to cooking enlightenment!

Made with a touch of Love! Before marriage, my trips to the kitchen involved getting a glass of water or looking for snacks 🤪 I never really tried cooking. I was busy finishing my studies, then busy doing my job and enjoying life! After marriage, I was suddenly brought face to face with reality. Shifted… Continue reading My journey to cooking enlightenment!


Chicken Momo (with Mommy twist😎)

I really envy those mommies who say, ”My kid eats everything I serve them”... I would love to know, what were you thinking when you gave birth to such kids 🙅‍♀️You should have considered the situation of us Moms whose kids pick up on anything that is being served on the plate😏 I am always… Continue reading Chicken Momo (with Mommy twist😎)


Aaloor chop (potato Chop) Bengali style 🤤

All these years of staying far from the homeland have taught me many ways of adjusting to the unavailability of the comfort foods of my growing up years and learning new and convenient ways to reproduce them in my own kitchen! Though my boy has developed a mixed up palette and refuses to even try… Continue reading Aaloor chop (potato Chop) Bengali style 🤤

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Crochet Candy Swirl

Hello friends!!! New Year, new beginning, new hope, new ventures... Cheers!!! Though the year has ended, we carry on doing the work that we started, complete the journey we ventured upon and try to be a better human being every coming day. The last three months of 2018 have been quite an ordeal for my… Continue reading Crochet Candy Swirl


Vegetable chop, Kolkata style

Dear friends! It's been quite some time since I created this website... But as the journey called LIFE continues, hardly got any time to sit down and pen (in this case, type) down my thoughts and activities. Though as you all creative people know, creativity is quite a contagious disease, so every day, every moment… Continue reading Vegetable chop, Kolkata style


Happy Easter / Joyeuses Paques

The long Easter weekend is almost here. One one really needs a reason to eat chocolates, but eating bunny shaped, egg shaped and numerous fun shaped chocolates is another reason we love Easter for 😉 The eggs hunting, the surprises, the fun to spend more time with the Family makes the time more special... and… Continue reading Happy Easter / Joyeuses Paques