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DUM AALOO , my wayyyyyyy🎶😎 – Quick, simple, no-fuss recipe

Hello readers! By now I am sure, you all must have understood I LOVE simple and quick to make dishes😃 Making elaborate dishes is not my cup of regular tea😅 I like giving my taste bud the enjoyment of classic dishes, but can’t let my poor legs standing around for ages😈 so, without further ado, presenting another of my quick and tasty experiments🤤

Dum aaloo


  • Potatoes
  • Green peas (I used frozen)
  • Yogurt
  • Ginger chopped
  • Green chilies
  • Cumin seeds (whole)
  • Turmeric powder
  • Cumin powder
  • Coriander powder
  • Red chili powder
  • Kasuri methi
  • Salt
  • Amchur powder
  • Garam masala powder
  • A pinch of sugar ( optional)


Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes or your preferred size. Boil the potatoes. Don’t over boil them, the potatoes shouldn’t break. Take them off the hot water and keep aside for few minutes.

Potatoes peeled, cut and boiled

Sprinkle turmeric powder and salt on the potatoes, coating them nicely. Heat a pan, add oil and add the potatoes. Fry them till they start to change colour.

Fry the boiled potatoes

Once done, take the potatoes off the pan and keep them aside.

Preparing the spice mix

In a bowl, take yogurt. Add chopped ginger, turmeric powder, cumin powder, red chili powder, Kasuri methi ( crush them between your palms), salt, a little water and mix them all together into a homogeneous mixture.

Spice mix

In the same pan, we fried the potatoes in, add little oil and add whole cumin seeds. Let them splutter, then add the green peas. Cook them for two to three minutes.

Cook the green peas for a few minutes

Add the spice mix and cook. A little water should be added if the spice mix is too thick. Cook till the spices are all cooked and the mixture starts leaving oil from the sides.

Mixture leaves oil

Add the boiled and fried potatoes to the green peas and spices mix. Incorporate them all together nicely. Add water depending on the desired consistency.

Add water

We don’t need to cook for long after adding water. Let it come to a boil, cover, and cook for a few minutes. Mash a few potatoes, that gives the curry a thick texture. Sprinkle amchur powder and garam masala powder and mix well. Taste for salt, add a pinch of sugar to balance the taste, and Dum Aaloo is ready to be served!

Dum Aaloo ready to be served🤤

It goes well with roti, paratha, puri, and even with rice as a side dish😃 I decided to serve it with puri👌

Dum Aaloo with Puri and pickle

Try this simple recipe and do let me know how you liked it😃 For me, I LOVED IT!!!



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