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When Nature decided to take control

While reading the history books when we would come across the events of deadly diseases, imparting havoc on humanity… We would feel sad and at times wonder also as how so many people had the same fate written for them???

Now that we are face to face with this calamity called COVID 19, and life is full of uncertainty, we know, we all are praying for the world 🙏

Maybe this is nature’s way of telling us… Stop humans, take a deep breath, think, reflect… Before cutting another tree, before making another factory, before killing another endangered species😣 Now Nature is on a cleaning drive and we are reduced to mere spectators…

We busy lot who said, we can’t take leave, we don’t have time for holidays, kids have to stay with nanny’s, in daycare or in after School facilities, while we work our ass off… but for what??? We say for a better tomorrow … which never comes 🤷🏻‍♀️ because we never have the time to enjoy our today, and who’s seen tomorrow🤔

Now look at us, we are all staying home, the kids are happy to have the Parents near them. Many of us who never HAD the time to check what problems the kids are facing in school and loved playing the game “Blame it on the teacher”, now get to see the bigger picture and we have the opportunity to home school our children!

Initially, it’s really hard as many of us have to juggle work from home, home school the kids and deal with the emotional pressure of being confined in the house and for many social distancing is quite a challenge…

But we being the adaptable human beings, learn to pave our way through this maze. We learn to juggle jobs, kids, and chores all over again, but in a whole new different way and surprisingly it’s adorable too! We are learning and doing things around those who matter the most, we are really and truly being FAMILY now!

On the grim side, the COVID19 virus is taking away many things from us, changing our lives on a bigger scale, has all our plans in total topsy-turvy… But let’s count the positives:

  • We are coming close as families
  • We are learning to care for each other in a confined space
  • The water bodies and the air quality is improving with less pollution
  • And the best of all, being thankful for LIFE and to be ALIVE!!!

So it seems, nature has had enough of our callous attitude towards life, environment and most importantly our relationships… And this is nature’s own way of setting the clock right again.

Hope we all have learned valuable and important lessons by the time this ordeal is over 🙏

Till then let’s stay home and stay safe!!!


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