Chicken Momo (with Mommy twist😎)

I really envy those mommies who say, ”My kid eats everything I serve them”… I would love to know, what were you thinking when you gave birth to such kids 🙅‍♀️You should have considered the situation of us Moms whose kids pick up on anything that is being served on the plate😏

I am always planning and scheming ways to make my picky eater eat his share of vegetables 😎

So here I share my twist to the famous Chicken Momo! Slurp 🤤


Boneless chicken
Onion (cut very fine)
Mushroom(cut very fine)
Coriander leaves
Green chili
Green onion
Red chili powder
Salt to taste,Soya sauce
Small piece of ginger

Add everything except for the onions and the mushrooms in the mixture and mince into a coarse paste. Take it out in a bowl, add the onions, the mushrooms, and a little oil and remix the paste all together with the hand.

Use veggies of your own choice😉
Mince into a coarse paste

For the wrap, you can always go ahead and use readymade dumpling or mom wraps. I prefer to prepare the dough from scratch.

The dough- Ingredients:

All-purpose flour (Maida)
Little oil
Mix them all together, and start adding little water at a time to make a soft dough. Knead it for at least 5mins and leave it to rest for at least 30mins.

Take small ball sized dough and roll it into a thin fine sheet. Then put the chicken filling in the middle and shape it in various shapes.

I prefer to make them big😉
Give them shape


You can use a momo steamer or pressure cooker to steam the momos. Grease the steaming tray (the one with little perforations) with some oil. Place the momos in the steamer and steam cook them for at least 25mins. After 25mins you can take them out and serve them with spicy momo chutney!

The momo sauce/chutney:

Dried red chilies (depending on you preferred spicy level)
Put them in the boiling water and blanch them. Once the tomatoes are soft the skin will come off very easily. Take them out from the hot water and cut the tomatoes in cube sized pieces.

Blanch them

Take some oil in a pan. Add the blanched chilies and cubed tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic and a little piece of ginger. Add salt to taste and little sugar to balance the flavors. Cook for a few minutes, then switch off the flame. Let it cool down a little. Put them all in a blender and make the chutney. If you want you can add some coriander leaves to the chutney.

Cook it for few minutes
In reality, the chutney looks more ravishing and is actually very tasty🤤

Now we are ready to enjoy our healthy and kid-friendly version of our loved momos. And trust me when I say even your picky eater gonna live them and ask for more, more and more! No better way of feeding them veggies! Yessssss Mommy wins!


Momo love 😍

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