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Crochet Candy Swirl

Hello friends!!!

New Year, new beginning, new hope, new ventures… Cheers!!!

Though the year has ended, we carry on doing the work that we started, complete the journey we ventured upon and try to be a better human being every coming day.

The last three months of 2018 have been quite an ordeal for my Family. My seven-year-old man broke his tibia bone while playing football in school. You parents out there with hyperactive kids will understand how hard it is to make them sit at one place can be 😉 He is, like many other boys of his age is an avid lover of the game football, and it’s like torture to be stuck in a wheelchair… Since the day he started crawling, this was the first time I saw him sitting in one place, and needless to say, it broke my heart 😦 But what is done is done and the broken leg has to heal.

The school requested me if I could be with him during lunchtime, to help him at canteen… and of course, I agreed. But that meant being there half the school time, cause coming back after lunch and going back again didn’t make any sense, so I offered to help the teacher after lunch hours for the rest of the day.

It was like going back to School, and except for the occasional emotional meltdowns of my little one for not being able to participate in the running activities, it was quite an experience. Those few weeks gave me the chance to know the kids well, and they really got attached to me. So before the Christmas holidays, I decided to surprise them with a little something for their Christmas trees. Hence, came the CANDY SWIRLS!!!

I really enjoyed making them. They are made using two colours, white and red, and you need very little of each. You can hang them on your tree, use them to decorate your cards or make many and put them like a garland… The options are never-ending… do whatever your creativity tells you to do and ENJOY!!!

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